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Brown Spotty Dog

'Butter Me Up' Sale Butter Knife

'Butter Me Up' Sale Butter Knife

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Here at Brown Spotty Dog, I love all Vintage Silver Plate Cutlery, even the stuff rough around the edges!

My sale collection is no exception to this. So if you love the idea of a Butter Knife, but you are not looking to spend much, then consider some of our sale pieces and give them new life into their old souls!

This Butter Knife is hand stamped with 'Butter Me Up' and a image of a small heart at the end of the knife. The Bakelite handle is darker in colour and has 'crackled' and the silver plate shows signs of wear from the years of use, such as the age spots, and in parts the plate has tarnished and rusted. I would advise that this piece is more suitable for decoration as a result of the rust. 

However, if the age spots and signs of wear will bother you, and you are looking for a Vintage Silver Plate Butter Knife which is a newer model, then please visit the full price section!! 

It is advised that all pieces are handwash only


Silver Plate Vintage Butter Knife, with a bakelite handle, tied with a racing green velvet ribbon.


Height - 16cm

Knife Width - 1cm

Care information

It is advised that all pieces are handwash only

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