Collection: Sale Items

Come and take a look at my Items on Sale and grab yourselves a bargain!!

At Brown Spotty Dog, I hate to see vintage cutlery unused and unloved. So when I find some pieces which show a greater sign of their age, I continue to hand wash, hand polish, add a silver treatment, then hand stamp, add enamel, give a final polish and wrap neatly in a velvet ribbon. Making sure that every piece I sell, receives the same time, care, love and attention no matter the price. 

Most of these pieces are all on sale at £10 or above, as there are more obvious parts of the cutlery where the silver plate has worn away, or scratches, age spots and dents are showing. All of my pieces are vintage and therefore pre-loved. So a little sign of wear is to be expected, however for these pieces, I have discounted for it. Should you prefer to pay full price, then scroll over to my others section to find the vintage pieces showing less signs of age!!