All About Me

Welcome to Brown Spotty Dog, where you will find vintage silverware all hand picked and hand stamped to give you the perfect gift. 'Off the shelf' or personalised, our vintage cutlery will offer you free postage and quick delivery, allowing you to finally sit down to take that hard earned rest with a warm cup of tea.

My name is Kelly, and Brown Spotty Dog was created in 2022 with the explosive introduction of a puppy and a baby into my life. They say never work with children and animals, but they never mentioned trying to set up a business with either of them under your feet or eating your stock!!

It all started so I could play 'the spoons' at my wedding!!

I wanted to give each member of our immediate family, their own personalised set of spoons as a wedding favour, ready to play as an instrument, at our wedding reception. However, I could not find anyone to make them; so I decided to buy some vintage cutlery and personalise it myself!

Some years later and 'Brown Spotty Dog' was born!!

In 2021 fate stepped in and two bundles of joy arrived in our home; Our dog called Otis, closely followed by our beautiful baby girl called Harper. Somehow still managing to find time to create, I decided I wanted to take this to the next level with my own website and a re-brand. The obvious name was of course, NOT after my daughter, but instead my beloved and catastrophic dog, Otis. The brown spotty dog which has steam-rolled through our lives has created a household filled with memories, slobber, swearing and chewed-up stock. 

As time has gone on, my love of cutlery and all things old, morphed into jewellery and now Brown Spotty Dog is proud to make a both upcycled personalised cutlery and unique jewellery gifts. 

Many people have asked me if this brand name means I will be selling products to do with dogs? To which my answer is no. Whilst I may make the odd item or two suitable for pets, it will mostly consist of vintage cutlery and unique jewellery gifts. I enjoy using a range of materials such as fabric, clay, wood, leather and silver. I struggle to stick to one element, so my brand is as chaotic as my dog :) 

I hope you enjoy visiting our site and looking through our products, 

Best Wishes, 

Kelly, Harper and of course Otis!!