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Silver & Silver Plate Upcycled Fork Heart Necklace

Silver & Silver Plate Upcycled Fork Heart Necklace

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These upcycled vintage silver plate forks, made into a heart-shaped necklace gives new life to old items, and creates a one-of-a-kind accessory. The combination of the fork's historical charm and the elegance of a sterling silver chain creates a beautiful contrast.

The heart shape adds a touch of sentimentality, making it a meaningful gift or a personal statement piece. The choice of a sterling silver chain complements the silver plate fork, providing a durable and high-quality base that enhances the overall aesthetic.

Wearing such a necklace can be a conversation starter, allowing you to share the story behind its creation and your commitment to sustainability. It's a perfect accessory for those who appreciate both vintage and contemporary styles.


An upcycled vintage silver plate teaspoon makes these unique necklaces and can be hung from an 18" sterling silver 925 chain

(Chain is sold separately)


18" Silver Chain

Teaspoon pendant will vary in width and length

Care information

It is advised that all pieces are handwash only

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