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Silver Plate Fork Tine Earrings - Pearl

Silver Plate Fork Tine Earrings - Pearl

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My silver plate earrings made from upcycled vintage cutlery, are a unique and creative form of jewellery. These earrings are crafted by repurposing vintage silver-plated forks and transforming them into One-of-a-Kind pieces of wearable jewellery. The process involves carefully cutting, shaping, and polishing the cutlery pieces to create beautiful and one-of-a-kind earrings before being hung on sterling silver 925 earring hooks. 

For these pearl earrings, additionally, I carefully hand make a silver headpin with two fresh seawater pearls hung.

I am in love with these pearl earrings. I first started stringing silver & pearls together to wear in my hair for my wedding. I love pairing this skill with the cutlery now too.

What truly sets my vintage silver plate cutlery jewellery apart is its distinctiveness. No two pieces are identical, making each one a true expression of individuality.

Whether you are seeking a gift for a loved one or looking to indulge yourself in something extraordinary, this vintage silver plate cutlery jewellery is a perfect choice.


Silver plate earrings made from upcycled vintage cutlery and hung from sterling silver 925 earring hooks


Dimensions for each piece vary. Approximate Height including hook, is between 5 - 8 cm

Width - 0.5cm

Care information

It is advised that all pieces are handwash only

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